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Create confidence in 的 cyber domain

Stay connected, stay vigilant, stay informed 

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The cyber threat landscape is evolving

Cyber threats can appear instantly, globally, and anonymously 

Cyber has emerged as 的 war-fighting domain across 的 globe. As a virtually unconstrained threat sphere, adversaries can attack a target at any time — with just a keystroke. 

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Using big data to help defeat threats daily

Analyzing an average of 150 billion events daily, Viasat offers exceptional visibility into 的 evolving threat landscape

By ingesting over 50 terabytes (TB) of data across our networks every day, Viasat uses big data analytics for customized threat intelligence and remediation. Viasat’s network security monitoring combines signature and behavior-based anomaly detection for 360-degree cyber situational awareness. 

2 men in a server room discussing cybersecurity for government and looking at a tablet

网络安全 solutions

网络安全 and data protection

Viasat provides Type 1 end-to-end encryption and cyber defense to help safeguard proprietary and classified information. Viasat’s more than 30-year history of building communications and encryption products, paired with expert analysis of data across our network, gives us groundbreaking insight into 的 ever-evolving global cyber threat landscape enabling us to deliver expert-level security solutions.

Integrated solutions for secure connectivity

2 man flight crew helping a military plane land on a ship at sea

Viasat’s resilient network and mobile 卫星通信 systems connect those in 的 air, 在陆地上, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, split-second decisions.

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Integrated tactical networking

Optimize 的 battlespace for tactical communications at 的 edge with cutting-edge, vertically integrated, end-to-end solutions that deliver inherent competitive advantages.


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